The Wraith is a boss in The Memory of Eldurim. He is located at the top of the round tower in the archives, accessible by a lengthy lift ride. Killing him is necessary to obtain a key stone.

Strategy Edit

The wraith has an array of powerful attacks, which includes lunging sword swings, spinning slashes, long-ranged spectral energy blasts, a ground-stabbing explosion, and a cone of wind. It is possible for him to possess lingering fire damage on his attacks, which makes his sword attacks much more deadly.

Melee characters can block his attacks or simply evade them and retaliate. When trying to land some blows on him up close, it is important to be sure that he is not readying his ground stab attack, which can deal significant damage and is sometimes hard to gauge the hit radius of. His wind cone will push the player away from the wraith, but deals no damage and does not stagger, so it can be walked out of.

Magic characters will find the Arc spell from the storm shard very handy for this fight. By standing back and repeatedly hitting him with the spell, you run a very marginal risk of being hit.

Bugs Edit

  • His long-ranged magic attacks deal no damage to the player.