Tools of the Trade

Talk to Rowakar

  • You"Bandits"
  • Rowakar"Indeed. They have put a severe halt on my life's work"
  • You"What do you do?"
  • Rowakar"I scour this island looking for ancient artifacts of the past inhabitants here. I inspect them and catalog them in my journals. I feel connected to this island, and every relic I find is trying to tell me a story. I really want to get back to my dig site. I was run out by the bandits.
  • You"Dig site"
  • Rowakar" I was uncovering something along the foothills of that large mountain with the temple on it. The bandits tried to ambush me but I fled quickly back to the town. I was able to outrun them with my lighter clothes. Also I think running for my life gave me an added gusto in my stride. I had to leave my specialized tools behind."

Go to the Dig Site


To reach the Dig Site follow the main path out of the Eldurii Village. Right after you pass under the stone archway that has two bandits standing next to it, notice the path on the right leading up a hill. Follow that path directly and you will reach the Dig Site.

Grab the Specialized Tools

Once you have reached the Dig Site, Rowakar's Specialized Tools are pretty easy to spot. Grab them and head back to Rowakar to get some praise. Rowakar will then send you on another quest Goman the Bully.