The Missing Scout

Talk to Maitha

  • You: "Scout"
  • Maitha: "As I said, I sent Giran to track some bandit movements. He was no prey for bandits but he had no backup either. Quirky fellow may be pinned down somewhere. He was on assignment to scout the main road and surrounding areas and return and report his findings. To be honest I'm worried about him. If you could figure this by finding him we can start planning what we are going to do next Just follow this same scouting path. He was to follow the main road out of town and check the areas just by the road until he got to the small stone bridge crossing the river. Report back to me with anything interesting that you find."

Follow the Main Path

Once you leave the Eldurii Village follow the main path. Be wary because there are a few bandits that will attack you while travelling on the main path. Once you take out the last bandit near the stone bridge, you will notice a corpse, Giran, on the ground with a scrawled note just in front of the stone bridge. Pick up the scrawled note from Giran's hand and report back to Maitha.