Vital statistics
Position Eldurii Village
Age Unknown
Status Unknown
Physical attributes
Height Unknown
Weight Unknown

Location Edit

To find Nalech enter the Eldurii Village. Follow the path in straight. Nalech is located near the bonfire and close to Ihril.

Additional Details Edit

Nalech's Dialogue Edit

Nalech: "I don't trust Voaun. Sometimes I come outside at night and watch the ocean when I cannot sleep. One night I saw Voaun walking outside the city walls. I was following him for a short ways but I was afraid of bandits. I can't be sure but I thought I saw him meeting with someone. Not to mention that but I also heard that he was in an argument with someone who later ended up dead."

(If you choose "Valaran")

You: "Valaran"

Nalech: "They arrived on the night of the coronation of the new king. No one knows for sure exactly what happened but a high ranking official who was with them ended up dead and now they aren't allowing us our peace. I'm not sure if the coronation even actually took place, but Ryn, our new king, is no where to be found. He has been missing ever since that night."

(If you choose "Show me your wares")

Merchandise Edit

  • Eldurii Spear
  • Iron Sword
  • Wooden Shield
  • Eldurii Belt
  • Eldurii Boots
  • Eldurii Chestpiece
  • Eldurii Cloak
  • Eldurii Gloves
  • Eldurii Pants