The Missing Scout

Talk to Maitha

  • You: "Scout"
  • Maitha: "As I said, I sent Giran to track some bandit movements. He was no prey for bandits but he had no backup either. Quirky fellow may be pinned down somewhere. He was on assignment to scout the main road and surrounding areas and return and report his findings. To be honest I'm worried about him. If you could figure this by finding him we can start planning what we are going to do next Just follow this same scouting path. He was to follow the main road out of town and check the areas just by the road until he got to the small stone bridge crossing the river. Report back to me with anything interesting that you find."

Follow the Main Path

Once you leave the Eldurii Village follow the main path. Be wary because there are a few bandits that will attack you while travelling on the main path. Once you take out the last bandit near the stone bridge, you will notice a corpse, Giran, on the ground with a scrawled note just in front of the stone bridge. Pick up the scrawled note from Giran's hand and report back to Maitha.

First Patrol

Talk to Maitha

After the finishing the quest The Missing Scout and informing Maitha of Giran's death, she will urge you to take Giran's route and investigate any unusual behavior.

  • You"Bandits"
  • Maitha"I know it's not much but you have some experience now. I think you can handle some bandits. If you are willing to cover Giran's route--reporting any suspicious behavior to me, and eliminating bandits where possible--I'll send runners to recall our patrols and prepare our move against the Valaran."
  • You"Giran's Route"
  • Maitha"Giran was investigating a group of bandits who ambush travelers on the road from here to the river. Some have even been found desecrating the graves of our dead and using the nearby crypt as a hideout of sorts"
  • You"I'll look into it"

Follow the Main Path

Once you leave the Eldurii Village follow the main path. Be wary because there are a few bandits that will attack you while travelling on the main path. Once you arrive near the Crypt, you'll notice something strange. In the graveyard there are three Skeletons standing there that weren't there before, you can either fight them or just report to Maitha to continue the quest.

Talk to Maitha

  • Maitha"You've returned safely! I can trust you chased some bandits back into their loathsome holes?"
  • You"Skeletons at the Crypt."
  • Maitha"You were attacked by the dead? You must have had more seawater to drink than I thought. How can the dead walk? These sorts of things only happen in tales, and not in any tale I've ever believed. Surely you ... ...! Did you feel that? It was like a rumble..."
  • You"Uh Oh."
  • You"Fight."

Fight the Horde

After your conversation with Maitha a horde of Skeletons will appear. Help Maitha and the Eldurii Guards to kill them. After all the Skeletons are defeated talk once again to Maitha.

  • Maitha"I don't know what in damnation is going on but I think old Vylsom might. Maybe that old mystic was right about more than I gave him credit for.
  • You"Vylsom."
  • Maitha"He's very opinionated and a bit odd, but he's our village elder: he is a wise man we are taught to trust and learn from. If anyone knows what is happening it will be him. You should be able to find him in the town hall.Were you able to find anything at the crypt? If you find anything unusual return to me and keep me informed."

Words from the Wise

After your conversation with Maitha ends, head to the Hall where Vylsom is located to start the quest Trial of Death. To reach the Hall there is a spiral climb near the bonfire in the center of the Eldurii Village that leads up to the Hall.

Trial of Death

Talk to Vylsom

After finishing the quest First Patrol and talking with Maitha, she will urge you to talk to Vylsom the village elder to get some useful information on how the undead came to be and where they are located.

  • Vylsom"Ah, Maitha sent you to me, did she? She sees and now she believes. So it is with many who only believe in their senses--or sense. The truth is not always sensible -- but that does not, in any sense, make it untrue. Are you getting a sense of what I'm trying to tell you?"
  • You"The Undead Walk"
  • Maitha"Hmm, maybe I've been too hard on the old senses, young scout -- you really ought to try using them. Let's start by asking if the bones of men can come from nowhere, Would they not have come of the place where they were laid? Perhaps a place where scouts would be to superstitious to investigate deeply. Although, in this instance, I suppose the superstition may have seemed to have been true. Have you a clue to which place I'm making obvious reference?"
  • You"Crypt"
  • Vylsom"Indeed! Perhaps there is more to drinking seawater than I have suspected. After all, your mind seems to keener than is common. The twisted creature who is causing all this chaos could no chaos cause, lest he were to abide near the components of his corrupted craft."
  • You"Twisted Creature"
  • Vylsom"Yes. Ans know this young scout: I can see that this trial is yours and yours alone. There will be others to join you in time, but you will require the courage you gain from this if you should truly suspect yourself worthy of significance in this world."

To the Crypt


After talking to Vylsom while exiting the Eldurii Village you have the option to talk to Maitha again for some trusting words.

  • Maitha"I trust Vylsom. If he has confidence in you, so do I. Gather thy blood and may Eldurim shade thy path."

Once you leave the Eldurii Village after talking to Maitha or not, follow the main path. Be wary because there are a few bandits that will attack you while travelling on the main path. Once you arrive near the Crypt the graveyard will have three Skeletons standing there as before, to enter the Crypt you can fight them or you can sneak through the graveyard avoiding their attention.

Inside the Crypt

Once inside the Crypt you will notice one skeleton standing close to the entryway. After that one skeleton, there are two pairs of skeletons in succession. In order to get into Deathblood's lair, you need to kill all five skeletons in your way. After defeating all five skeletons, you will notice a hole in the back wall of the Crypt, fall/jump into it to enter Deathblood's lair.

Fight to the Death

Immediately after falling/jump into Deathblood's lair, you will notice Deathblood and his Skeletal Behemoth starting to engage into battle. To continue this quest you must defeat both Deathblood and his skeletal behemoth. If you have completed the quest Ambush and received the Ring of Death's Respite it will help you immensely in this battle.

Talk to Vylsom

After defeating Deathblood and his Skeletal Behemoth head back to the Eldurii Village. Once entering the village go to the Hall and talk to Vylsom which then he will talk about shards.

  • Vylsom"The shards we put in our arms - they contain the true essence, the very blood of their element or sphere. When you exert your force, your blood mixes with that contained in the shard. This man, this creature, had mixed his blood with the blood of death for so long it became a part of who he was. He became what we would call, a "Death Blood." And so it is with each shard."
  • You"Each Shard"
  • Vylsom"I've known Fire Bloods, Storm Bloods, Life Bloods, and many more. I was also blessed by Eldurim to know the greatest man I think may have ever lived, a Stone Blood. He was as stubborn as a stone, but he was also as firm and as stalwart as any mountain to reach towards the vaulted skies."

Talk to Maitha

After discussing shards with Vylsom, head back towards the entrance of the Eldurii Village to speak with Maitha to begin the quest This Land is Ours.

This Land is Ours

Talk to Maitha

  • Maitha: "I think it's time we stop cowering behind these old walls. If your time with the deathblood has done anything it's reminded me that the Valaran bleed the same as anyone. Our spears and swords will cut them as good as anyone's could. It's time to go on the offensive."
  • You: "Offensive"
  • Maitha: "Yes. We have have been caged like animals in our city when this whole island is ours, We have relied on our armor, now we rely on our swords. We fight. Our first objective has to be the Vilands. We need more food and a better location to strike at the Valaran."
  • You: "Vilands"
  • Maitha: "I know I was hard on you when you first got here but it's clear you are the reinforcements we need. The Valaran drove the people out of the Vilands on the first night they arrived. They control our food, but I think we can drive them out. I want to attack them but I need your help first. Are you ready to accept another challenge?"
  • You: "Yes"
  • Maitha: "I knew we could count on you. You will be the salvation of the Eldurii. As our people fled several heard the commands shouts coming from one man the soldiers called their Lieutenant. Our scouts have found that he is organizing the occupation from one of the homes in the Vilands. I need you to find him, and assassinate him. Without their leadership we have a chance at taking back our land."


  • You: "No"
  • Maitha: "I hope you can help us soon. We need you."

Follow the Main Path

Once you leave the Eldurii Village follow the main path. Be wary because there are a few bandits that will attack you while travelling on the main path. Once you take out the last bandit near the stone bridge and pass Giran's corpse, you will want to cross the bridge to enter into the Vilands.

In the Vilands

As soon as you finish crossing the bridge there are two Valaran Soldiers that will attack when you get close. After defeating them you want to follow the dirt path to the house with the little squash field on it's right side. When you have reached the house you will want to cross through the squash field and upon exiting you'll notice another dirt path that you will follow. On the path there will be three to four Valaran soldiers that will attack you so be wary. You'll notice a group of two houses and a windmill when travelling down the dirt path. Between the houses and the windmill is a small field with two Valaran Soldiers and the Valaran Lieutenant idly standing.

Eliminate the Valaran Lieutenant

To make the fight easier you can isolate the Valaran Lieutenant by killing off the two Valaran Soldiers that are in the field before you engage the Valaran Lieutenant. After defeating the Valaran Lieutenant you will want to travel back to the Eldurii Village and speak with Maitha.

Talk with Maitha

  • Maitha: "Their Lieutenant is dead and their ranks are weak. We have to strike soon. I have gathered a small group of soldiers to reclaim our farm lands. We need to move quickly. Are you ready to go?"
  • You: "Yes"
  • Maitha: "We will water our fields with their blood. Let's march!"


  • You: "No"
  • Maitha: "Let me know as soon as you are ready. We need to go soon."

Follow Maitha

After telling Maitha you are ready, Maitha and her small group of soldiers will start marching out towards the Vilands. All you simply have to do is follow her and the guards to the Vilands until they reach their destination, while following, the guards and Maitha will take care of all the enemies including bandits and Valaran soldiers on the way to the Vilands.

Talk with Maitha

After reaching their destination talk to Maitha to start the next quest Building a Ballista.

Building a Ballista

Talk to Maitha

  • Maitha: "Excellent! This was a crucial victory. This brings us a bright ember of hope, something we haven't had for a long time. There is still much to do. Can you run an errand for me?"
  • You: "Yes"
  • Maitha: "Return to the town and tell Yolern of our success. We will dig our heels in on the beach facing the enemy camp and prepare our next move. I need him to send everything we can spare, find me after you talk to Yolern."


  • You: "No"
  • Maitha: "I need this done. Please tell me when you are ready."

Talk to Yolern

Once you finish talking to Maitha you will want to head straight back to the Eldurii Village and find Yolern.To find Yolern enter the Eldurii Village and proceed straight down the path. Yolern is found just past where Maitha and Darzon were, he is on the right. Speak with Yolern.
  • Yolern: "You are alive? Where is Maitha?
  • You: "Vilands"
  • Yolern: "You have done it! She is tough as iron. I knew you would do it. I'll send who I can, but we don't have much to spare. Tell her I'll do what it takes."

Return to Maitha

After talking to Yolern you will want to head back to the Vilands and speak with Maitha.

  • Maitha: "Our position here is fortifiesd thanks to the men Yolern sent. We are in a constant battle here. We can hold for now but we won't last forever. The Valaran need to be driven from the island. Their camp is strong, but I have an idea on how we ccan break it down."
  • You: "Idea"
  • Maitha: "A long time ago, we were working on a concept for a ballista to defend our harbor from incoming enemy ships. Delrich in town was in charge of it. It turned out it would have been more trouble than it was worth at the time but things have grown more desperate. Tel him we need a ballista, and get him everything he needs. He should be in the inn."

Talk to Delrich

Once you have finished conversing with Maitha you will want to head back to the Eldurii Village. To find Delrich you must enter the Inn he is warming near the fire.

  • Delrich: "What do you want?
  • You: "Ballista"
  • Delrich: "Maitha is insane. She really expects that we can just pull together a ballista on the beaches of the Vilands and use it to drive those wretched mongrols off our shores? Doesn't she realize that I would need resources? A LOT of resources?"
  • You: "Resources"
  • Delrich: "Oh no, don't tell me... You are going to start running around this island gathering things for me?"
  • You: "Yes"
  • Delrich: "Arrgh! You insufferable people. I can't believe you're serious about all of this. FINE. I'll get Maitha's soldiers to chop down all the wood I will need but I'm going to need other parts. Things that you'll have to track down. First I need a lot of rope. Strong rope too. The kind you find on boats to hold huge anchors. Meet me down in the Vilands when you get some sturdy rope."

Return to the Vilands

After finishing your conversation with Delrich in the Inn, you will want to head back to the Vilands. Speak both to Maitha for her advice and Delrich for his motivational words.

Maitha: "I hear Delrich has you gathering what he needs for our ballista. The only place with rope strong enough for ballista would be on the Valaran boats. Be careful if you go over there. Try to avoid being seen."

Delrich: "I don't see any rope. Why are you talking to me? I don't have any in my pockets that I forgot about. Get going."

Stealing the Rope

To find the rope you must take Maitha's advice to go to the docks where the Valaran boats are anchored. There are two ways to get to the rope either fighting your way through the continual respawning Valaran Soldier mobs or taking Maitha's advice to stay unnoticed. To stay unnoticed you'll have to swim from the beach on Maitha's side straight to the docks. The rope is found on the first dock you encounter, be wary there is one Valaran Solider you will have to kill in order to reach the rope.

Talk to Maitha and Delrich

Once you obtain the rope head back to Maitha. Speak with her than Delrich multiple times to hand over the rope and get advice for finding the hooks.

Maitha: "That rope you have should work. Show it to Delrich."

Delrich: "Do you have the rope?"

You: "Yes"

Delrich: "It looks like that will do. Now I need some metal hooks. They have be strong too, not like fishing hooks. Hooks big enough to hoist a load of ore."

Maitha: "Delrich wants a metal hook? The only place I've seen those are in the mining equipment they used to use in the quarry."

Delrich: "I can tell by the look in your eyes that you haven't got any metal hooks."

To the Quarry

After talking to Maitha take her advice and go to the quarry to find the hooks Delrich need. The Quarry is located near the stone bridge along the main path. If travelling from the Eldurii Village it will be on the left side. If travelling from the Vilands it is on the right side. In the Quarry there are two Animated Golems, but you only have to really worry about one. You can either kill it or simply run and grab the hooks.

Return To Delrich and Maitha

Once you have obtained the hooks return to the Vilands to talk to Maitha and Delrich.

Maitha: "Those hooks look strong. Give them to Delrich."

Delrich: "Do you have the hooks I need?"

You: "Yes"

Delrich: "Well that's it then. Tell Maitha her contraption is almost ready. I don't expect she'll find a way to thank me enough for this any time soon."

After finishing your conversation with Delrich, speak with Maitha to begin the quest Knock Knock.

Knock Knock

Talk to Maitha

  • Maitha: "Delrich is finishing the ballista now? We need to use it to destroy the main gate. After the gate is breached. I need you to confront their leader. My men will be ready to proceed?"
  • You: "Yes"
  • Maitha: "This is it. Whatever happens, thank you for helping us. When you washed up on the shores. I was sure we were going to die, but somehow you managed to pull us together and help us win this war. I need to you to fight to the top, find their leader, and kill him. Good Luck."


  • You: "No"

Breach the Gate

After talking with Maitha, you'll want to find the ballista. The ballista is found on the makeshift dock near Delrich. Once you find the ballista tap [E] to enter it. You will now be in a close up third person view allowing you to aim the ballista. Knowing you have to breach the gate, you will want to aim the ballista at the gate and click [LMB] to fire.

Into the Camp

Once the main gate is breached you will want to head inside the camp.

*Be very wary there are multiple Valaran Soldiers that you will find and will attack you if you go exploring the camp*

To get into the camp follow the main dirt path leading towards the gate, you will have to kill two Valaran soldiers to continue on the path once inside the camp. After killing them follow the path a little longer and notice another two Valaran soldiers on your right guarding a path. You will need to kill them as well to be able to progress down that path. Once you have killed them you will progress a little further on this new path and spot yet another two Valaran soldiers guarding the center of the camp or the headquarters. Kill them to reach where the Valaran Commander is located.

Kill the Valaran Commander

*Be sure to heal before you enter the headquarters the Valaran Commander will pursue you right away*

Once you are ready to fight head into the headquarters and kill the Valaran Commander.

Talk to Maitha

After you kill the Valaran Commander head back down the same path whence you came from to reach Maitha.

Maitha: "You have done it! We have won the war. The Valaran are ruined on this island. We will rebuild and reclaim our land. Go back to Vylsom. He'll want to talk to you about what has been happening here."

Head back to the Eldurii Village to begin the quest The Scholar's Errand

The Scholar's Errand

Talk to Vylsom

After conversing with Maitha and finishing the quest Knock Knock, head to the Eldurii Village to talk to Vylsom in the Hall.

  • Vylsom"You have returned to me. I gather that your conquest against the Valaran was a success. I could hear the war, and the subsequent cheers from here. I have been thinking, however, that there is more to know about the recent events than just the war we saw."
  • You"More"
  • Vylsom: "The Valaran positioned themselves between us and the old archives. Before they arrived, I had begun to notice, and feel that something was happening there. I have been there on occasion long ago, I never felt safe there. I think your journey takes you there next. Talk to Taliranil in the inn. She also has an interest in the place. I think you could help one another. One more thing. If you should find something... peculiar. I should very much like to know about it. "

Talk to Taliranil


After speaking with Vylsom, head to Taliranil at the Inn like Vylsom suggests.

  • Taliranil"Now that the Valaran threat is gone, I hope to travel to the Archives on the far side of the island. I am still afraid of other threats though."
  • You"Archives?"
  • Taliranil"You are going there as well? I would appreciate your company. It's rarely safer to travel alone. I just need to check a few things. Speak to me again soon, and I should be ready."
  • Taliranil"I think I am ready to go. Shall we proceed?"
  • You"Yes"
  • Taliranil"To the Archives!"


  • You: "No"
  • Taliranil"I'll wait until you are ready"
  • Taliranil"I know master Ordran studied here. I hope to find his writings, and hopefully a clue as to where he went next."

To the Archives

After talking to Taliranil head towards where Maitha is located in the Vilands. Once you reach her location cross the bridge to enter the Valaran Camp. When you are in the camp you will want to follow the main path in, like in Knock Knock but instead of turning right, head left to a path that is going downwards in a curve. Following this path will lead you to a gate that has a Valaran Soldier guarding the switch to open it. After you finish killing the Valaran Soldier open the gate using the lever by taping [E]. Immediately after the gate opens follow the stone brick path that will lead you up to the Archives. When following the path you will notice Taliranil in front of a fallen pillar, speak with her.

  • Taliranil"Well, here we are. It's, ummm... a bit more... ominous than I expected would you be willing to, maybe, find something for me?"
  • You"Yes"
  • Taliranil"Really! That's great! It's a book entitled 'Study of Logic'. It was written by Master Ordran. I think, maybe I'll wait for you in the Vilands."
  • Taliranil: "Thanks again for helping me out. I'll wait for you in the Vilands."


  • You"No"
  • Taliranil"I understand. Perhaps, I'll study this place a bit longer and try to build some courage to complete my task."

Succeeding your conversation with Taliranil you will see a fork in the road, follow the path heading left. The entrance to the archives can easily be found on the right when following the path. Once you reach the entrance enter the Archives.

Inside the Archives

As you are entering the Archives you will want to follow the main corridor in. The corridor will lead you to a big room with a green banner that has a white symbol on it. In this room there are three wraiths but you only have to kill two to get to the arch opening on the other side of the room. After killing the wraiths go through the arch and follow the curved hallway up. This will lead you to a room that has a jail cell in it along with two wraiths you must kill. Once you kill the two wraiths look inside the jail cell to see a book sitting on the table, this book is indeed the Study of Logic. To get to it though you must open the jail cell by pulling a lever.

From the room with the jail cell you will want to follow the stairs up, to a catwalk that is over the room with the banner. There is one wraith on the catwalk you must defeat to continue. Once you have defeated the wraith continue into a little curved hallway that brings you to a big room that looks like a library with all its bookcases. Upon entering the library you will want to turn left, you will be confronted by two wraiths that you need to defeat to leave this room through a big arch which leads to a small curved hallway. At the end of the curved hallway there will be an elevator, stand on it and tap [E] to pull the lever which sends the elevator upwards. After the elevator stops head directly straight into a room with a broken pillar and a collapsed floor. In this room there are two wraiths but only killing one is required. After killing the first wraith you encounter you will want to enter the first arch opening on your right. Once you enter the arch there will be a room with three arch openings (the one in the middle has a rounded balcony opening up outside with a telescope and a chest) and one wraith. Make sure to take the one on your right side as you enter the room. Follow the curved hallway all the way to a set of stairs going downwards and head down the stairs. This will lead you to the room with the lever, it is in front of the blue torch and guarded by a single wraith. After killing the wraith head to the lever and tap [E] to open the jail cell. To reach the jail cell room you can either retrace your steps back to it or you can simply jump over the railing on your left hand side which leads straight into the jail cell room. Once you arrive in the jail cell room enter the cell and pick up the Study of Logic by tapping [E].

Talk to Taliranil

When the book has been retrieved from the Archives you will want to head back to Taliranil in the Vilands. Simply retrace your steps out of the Archives and towards Maitha. From Maitha you will want to follow the main path that brings you to the stone bridge. Taliranil will be in the first house under the aqueduct you see and the house is located behind a small squash field. Once you find her speak with her.

  • Taliranil"Have you found the book?"
  • You"Yes"
  • Taliranil"Wow, this is amazing. Thank you so much. I will start reading it right away. I cannot thank you enough"
  • Taliranil: "I have been reading this book and it makes some interesting points. I'll need to keep thinking about this for awhile. Thank you."


  • You"No"
  • Taliranil"I'm sure it's in there. He started it before he left and mentioned he was coming here to find it."


After giving Tailranil her book, it seems to be about collecting 3 keystones to be able to enter the temple. One is dropped by Deathblood, the necromancer in the Crypt (sometimes does not drop, if you don't have it, reenter the crypt and kill him again), another is dropped by the Wraith boss, on top of the tower in the archives. Once you have these two (or even just the one from the Wraith boss, if the first didn't drop), Vylsom, the village elder, will you give you another keystone, with which you can enter the temple. You're supposed to go to the temple and open the door and explore the temple.

1)The keystones open a round stone door that can be found after defeating the Arboreal Warden boss and going through the tunnel (that was previously blocked by the boss's roots) that opens afterward.

2) There seems to be no fluid transition from giving Tailranil her book and going to Vylsom again. Tailranil just says that the book is interesting and that she needs some time. Nothing prompts a visit to Vylsom, except curiosity and urge to explore.

The player must defeat the Arboreal Warden boss who is located in a cave in the area past the Archives. The entrance is guarded by four Valaran guards. In the cave is a tunnel leading upwards which is blocked by roots. The tunnel will open after defeating the Arboreal Warden.

It is possible to kill the Arboreal Warden before completing any quests to obtain the Agrestal Blade, but note that doing so and then dying or saving and quitting the game will cause the warden to respawn and block off the tunnel again.

Paying Pilgrimage

The tunnel leads to a circular stone door which the player can open when they have all three keystones. The player can then walk to the temple on the top of the mountain, though there is currently nothing for them to do when they arrive.