Vital statistics
Position Eldurii Village
Age Unknown
Status Unknown
Physical attributes
Height Unknown
Weight Unknown


To find Ko, go to the Eldurii Village and find the Lodge, then go across a nearby rope bridge to a craggy rock island.

On the island you will see a single hut and a stone archway. Ko is behind the stone archway.

Additional DetailsEdit

The Fire Shard is located near Ko, hence why he references the flame.

Ko's Dialogue

  • Ko: "The darkness is patient. Slowly, and steadily it waits for the light to ebb. But it cannot stay. Even in the presence of the tiniest flame, the shadows must scatter and flee away."
  • You: "Flame"
  • Ko: "Your blood, roaring as a great fire. It can light up the dark places of this land. It can reveal a path where none seem to be. Take courage in the flames. Embrace them."

(Talk to Ko again)

  • Ko: You have returned to me. I feel your blood, it will know the taste of the flames. My fellow Fireblood, though in your infancy, I sense the potential for greatness. My aid I give unto you."