Knock Knock

Talk to Maitha

  • Maitha: "Delrich is finishing the ballista now? We need to use it to destroy the main gate. After the gate is breached. I need you to confront their leader. My men will be ready to proceed?"
  • You: "Yes"
  • Maitha: "This is it. Whatever happens, thank you for helping us. When you washed up on the shores. I was sure we were going to die, but somehow you managed to pull us together and help us win this war. I need to you to fight to the top, find their leader, and kill him. Good Luck."


  • You: "No"

Breach the Gate

After talking with Maitha, you'll want to find the ballista. The ballista is found on the makeshift dock near Delrich. Once you find the ballista tap [E] to enter it. You will now be in a close up third person view allowing you to aim the ballista. Knowing you have to breach the gate, you will want to aim the ballista at the gate and click [LMB] to fire.

Into the Camp

Once the main gate is breached you will want to head inside the camp.

*Be very wary there are multiple Valaran Soldiers that you will find and will attack you if you go exploring the camp*

To get into the camp follow the main dirt path leading towards the gate, you will have to kill two Valaran soldiers to continue on the path once inside the camp. After killing them follow the path a little longer and notice another two Valaran soldiers on your right guarding a path. You will need to kill them as well to be able to progress down that path. Once you have killed them you will progress a little further on this new path and spot yet another two Valaran soldiers guarding the center of the camp or the headquarters. Kill them to reach where the Valaran Commander is located.

Kill the Valaran Commander

*Be sure to heal before you enter the headquarters the Valaran Commander will pursue you right away*

Once you are ready to fight head into the headquarters and kill the Valaran Commander.

Talk to Maitha

After you kill the Valaran Commander head back down the same path whence you came from to reach Maitha.

Maitha: "You have done it! We have won the war. The Valaran are ruined on this island. We will rebuild and reclaim our land. Go back to Vylsom. He'll want to talk to you about what has been happening here."

Head back to the Eldurii Village to begin the quest The Scholar's Errand.