"Your saving grace"
Vital statistics
Position Fisherman's Hut (Initial Spawn Point)
Age Unknown
Status Unknown
Physical attributes
Height Unknown
Weight Unknown

Location Edit

To find Iyan enter the Fisherman's Hut, he is located inside.

Additional Details Edit

Iyan's Dialogue Edit

  • Iyan: "You lived! I can't believe you survived that storm. You rest here as long as you like--old Iyan will take care of you
  • You: "Storm"
  • Iyan: "Don't you remember? We haven't had one like that for years. A ship was supposed to be coming but none ever arrived. The next day though, I found you churning in the surf with some flotsam, and you've been here asleep ever since."
  • You: "Ship"
  • Iyan: "Well, as you may or may not know, this is precarious territory. The only reason we are alive is that the Valaran haven't bothered to finish us off. We've been waiting for the reinforcements Lord Ryn promised, but apparently the ship went down. You must be one of the crew. I don't know if anyone else survived."

(If you choose "Ryn")

  • You: "Ryn"
  • Iyan: "He came here a few months ago to be crowned our new king, since this island is the ancestral origin of the Eldurii people. Some say he abandoned us but I think the lad has something to him. If he left it was for a reason."

(If you choose "Reinforcements")

  • You: "Reinforcements"
  • Iyan: "I'd check in town to see if anyone else survived. It's up the hill on the ridge. I gave you a map of the surrounding area. I drew it by hand so it's a bit shaky but I promise that it is accurate.