Vital statistics
Position Eldurii Village
Age Unknown
Status Unknown
Physical attributes
Height Unknown
Weight Unknown

Location Edit

To find Ihril enter the Eldurii Village. Follow the path in straight. Ihril is located next to the bonfire and is located close to Nalech.

Additional Details Edit

Ihril's Dialogue Edit

  • Ihril: "I used to hunt quite often, I make my own bows and craft my own arrows. We had to flee our homes in the Vilands so quickly that I couldn't bring much with me. I have been working on making a nice bow. I carved the wood for the body, but I don't have anything to spin a string. I know I had string that would fit perfectly but I must have left it behind when we fled.
  • You: "Vilands"
  • Ihril: "There is some farming land down the road from the town. It is where we grow all of our food. We even have food storage there but we cannot access any of it because of the Valaran occupation. I'm hopeful but a lot of people are afraid that we will starve to death if we can't get access to our farms and storages soon."