Ice Shard
Ice shard
"Ice,Ice, Baby"
Vital statistics
Type Shard
Effects Damage, Freezing/Cold
Source Loot
Cost to buy Not for Sale
Cost to sell Untradeable

The Ice Shard when placed in a shard slot provides one ice damaging effect spell.

Obtaining Edit

The Ice Shard is located in the Quarry at the back of the cave leading out to the water. It is in a chest which requires you to get past two Animated Golems. It is easily attainable by running or dodging past the Animated Golems, and quickly looting the chest then escaping into the water. Alternatively, you can go around the back of the Quarry into the water and access the chest without encountering the Animated Golems at all.

Spells Edit

Frost spell

Frost Nova: deals 28 damage and slows the enemy by 90-95% for 3-4 seconds.