Goman the Bully

Talk to Rowakar

When you talk to Rowakar after you give him his specialized tools, he will give you this quest.

  • You: "One particular man?"
  • Rowakar: "Yes I took him treasure hunting several times with me and we found a few very nice pieces. He came to disagree with my methods of studying the artifacts and cataloging them. He stole the more valuable ones from me and has been keeping track of when I work so he can steal valuable artifacts from me. I know it was him who chased me off and I don't think I should go back to work while he is still out there. Not only could I be killed, but anything I find is likely to be stolen possible destroyed. He undermines everything I do."
  • You: "Maybe I could help you?"
  • Rowakar: "You seem like a decent fellow but going out there with you might be masking the same mistake twice eh? You did return those tools but until Goman is dead I don't think I'll be doing any treasure hunting."

Go Back to the Dig Site

To reach the Dig Site follow the main path out of the Eldurii Village. Right after you pass under the stone archway that has two bandits standing next to it, notice the path on the right leading up a hill. Follow that path directly and you will reach the Dig Site.

Kill Goman

After reaching the Dig Site, Goman will be waiting near where Rowakar's Specialized Tool's were. Goman tends to just run up and attack you with no real strategy with his two handed shovel. Countering and attacking normally is enough to defeat him.

Return to Rowakar

After killing Goman return back to Rowakar in the Eldurii Village.