The First Patrol

Talk to Maitha

After finishing the quest The Missing Scout and informing Maitha of Giran's death, she will urge you to take Giran's route and investigate any unusual behavior.

  • You"Bandits"
  • Maitha"I know it's not much but you have some experience now. I think you can handle some bandits. If you are willing to cover Giran's route--reporting any suspicious behavior to me, and eliminating bandits where possible--I'll send runners to recall our patrols and prepare our move against the Valaran."
  • You"Giran's Route"
  • Maitha"Giran was investigating a group of bandits who ambush travelers on the road from here to the river. Some have even been found desecrating the graves of our dead and using the nearby crypt as a hideout of sorts"
  • You"I'll look into it"

Follow the Main Path

Once you leave the Eldurii Village follow the main path. Be wary because there are a few bandits that will attack you while travelling on the main path. Once you arrive near the Crypt, you'll notice something strange. In the graveyard there are three Skeletons standing there that weren't there before, you can either fight them or just report to Maitha to continue the quest.

Talk to Maitha

  • Maitha"You've returned safely! I can trust you chased some bandits back into their loathsome holes?"
  • You"Skeletons at the Crypt."
  • Maitha"You were attacked by the dead? You must have had more seawater to drink than I thought. How can the dead walk? These sorts of things only happen in tales, and not in any tale I've ever believed. Surely you ... ...! Did you feel that? It was like a rumble..."
  • You"Uh Oh."
  • You"Fight."

Fight the Horde

After your conversation with Maitha a horde of Skeletons will appear. Help Maitha and the Eldurii Guards to kill them. After all the Skeletons are defeated talk once again to Maitha.

  • Maitha"I don't know what in damnation is going on but I think old Vylsom might. Maybe that old mystic was right about more than I gave him credit for.
  • You"Vylsom."
  • Maitha"He's very opinionated and a bit odd, but he's our village elder: he is a wise man we are taught to trust and learn from. If anyone knows what is happening it will be him. You should be able to find him in the town hall.Were you able to find anything at the crypt? If you find anything unusual return to me and keep me informed."

Words from the Wise

After your conversation with Maitha ends, head to the Hall where Vylsom is located to start the quest Trial of Death. To reach the Hall there is a spiral climb near the bonfire in the center of the Eldurii Village that leads up to the Hall.