Vital statistics
Position Eldurii Village
Age Unknown
Status Unknown
Physical attributes
Height Unknown
Weight Unknown

Location Edit

To find Delrich enter the Eldurii Village and then proceed into the Inn. Delrich is found warming in front of the fire on the base floor of the Inn.

Additional Details Edit

Delrich's Dialogue Edit

Delrich: "Can't you see I'm an ornery old man? Leave me alone."

During This Land is Ours

  • Delrich"What do you want?
  • You"Ballista"
  • Delrich"Maitha is insane. She really expects that we can just pull together a ballista on the beaches of the Vilands and use it to drive those wretched mongrols off our shores? Doesn't she realize that I would need resources? A LOT of resources?"
  • You"Resources"
  • Delrich"Oh no, don't tell me... You are going to start running around this island gathering things for me?"
  • You"Yes"
  • Delrich"Arrgh! You insufferable people. I can't believe you're serious about all of this. FINE. I'll get Maitha's soldiers to chop down all the wood I will need but I'm going to need other parts. Things that you'll have to track down. First I need a lot of rope. Strong rope too. The kind you find on boats to hold huge anchors. Meet me down in the Vilands when you get some sturdy rope."
  • Delrich"I don't see any rope. Why are you talking to me? I don't have any in my pockets that I forgot about. Get going."
  • Delrich"Do you have the rope?"
  • You"Yes"
  • Delrich"It looks like that will do. Now I need some metal hooks. They have be strong too, not like fishing hooks. Hooks big enough to hoist a load of ore."
  • Delrich"I can tell by the look in your eyes that you haven't got any metal hooks."
  • Delrich"Do you have the hooks I need?"
  • You"Yes"
  • Delrich"Well that's it then. Tell Maitha her contraption is almost ready. I don't expect she'll find a way to thank me enough for this any time soon."

During Knock Knock

  • Delrich: "Well, it's ready. I sure hope you know what you're doing."