Vital statistics
Position Eldurii Village
Age Unknown
Status Unknown
Physical attributes
Height Unknown
Weight Unknown

Location Edit

To find Ardest enter the Eldurii Village then proceed down the path that leads you to Adii. A circular flower bed is nearby, the house which it's door is facing the flower bed is where Ardest is located.

Additional Details Edit

Ardest's Dialogue

  • Ardest: "Hey there. I've been hearing about you. I have to tell you, I'm fascinated by your arrival. I have a question for you."
  • You: "Question"
  • Ardest: Yes, a simple question. Tell me, do you remember where you came from before you arrived on this island?"

(If you choose "No")

  • You: "No"
  • Ardest: "Yes... I didn't suspect so. I do hope you find out."
  • You: "Goodbye"

(If you choose "Yes")

  • You: "Yes"
  • Ardest: Really? Very interesting. You know, I can tell you are very busy. But I hope I can hear you story one day."
  • You: "Goodbye"