Talk to Rowakar

  • Rowakar: "Goman is Dead you say? Well it is not more than he deserved. Alright how about this: I'm heading up to the dig site to finish my work. Meet me there and I'll show you what I've been working on. I have a feeling it's going to be something good."
  • You: "I'll meet you there"
  • Rowakar: "Safe travels friend."

Go to the Dig Site

To reach the Dig Site follow the main path out of the Eldurii Village. Right after you pass under the stone archway that has two bandits standing next to it, notice the path on the right leading up a hill. Follow that path directly and you will reach the Dig Site.

Talk to Rowakar

Once you have reached the Dig Site, Rowakar will either be there if you took your time or you'll have to wait a couple minutes for him to appear while he is running to the Dig Site.

  • Rowakar: "I'm really glad you came along. I saw a lot of bandits on the way up and I have been trying to lie low. Even though Goman is dead his band is still after me. They want revenge."
  • You: "Did they see you?"
  • Rowakar: "Yes, I think they are nearly here."

Kill the Bandits

After your conversation with Rowakar ends, you will immediately get attacked from behind by two bandits. Bandits tend to run up and attack you with no real strategy. Countering and attacking normally is enough to defeat them.

Talk to Rowakar

After killing the two bandits, talk to Rowakar and he'll give you a little praise. He'll then ask you to come back later for a surprise the Ring of Death's Respite.

  • Rowakar: "I'm glad you saved me from those brutes. I owe you my life.
  • You: "It was no trouble."
  • Rowakar: "I'm going to finish my work here. I should be safe now that you have taken the bandits out. Meet me back here a bit later. I might find something useful to you."